Backlog Summary

Holding On to your Dream to Study Abroad Due to Backlogs?


Several questions would cross your mind regarding backlogs and its effect on your career and study abroad plans. Though a backlog is a black mark on your profile, it is not going to ruin your educational dreams forever. Yes, you heard it right. Don’t just think about the failure. Its time you think above it.

Many universities allow you to pursue your dreams despite these backlogs. But before that it is important to understand what a backlog really means.

What is a Backlog?

Backlog simply means something that is not completed, and need to be addressed.In an educational perspective, a backlog means the number of subjects that a student has not cleared in the first attempt in final examination. This can be either because the student failed in the exam or because he/she was not able to attend the exam.

Many universities accept applications from students with backlogs. In these situations, they provide you a conditional admission, where in you have to clear all your backlogs prior to starting your study programme abroad.
Note: If in case you were absent for an exam, please note if it is marked as zero or absent in your score card. This is because; a zero in the score sheet means a backlog and not absenteeism. Make sure to apply for the exam the next time so as to avail your degree certificate.

What is a backlog certificate?

A backlog certificate is a requirement when you apply for studies in a foreign country. This document has information about the subject papers that you have not cleared in the first attempt. It also mentions in which attempt did you finally clear that paper. The university to which you are planning to apply for studies may require a backlog summary or a backlog certificate to verify whether you are eligible to apply for higher studies in their institute.

Can you study abroad with backlogs?

Yes, despite your backlogs you can fulfill your dream to study abroad. But different countries have their own conditions to deal with backlogs. Based on the way, the countries treat the backlogs we can categorize them into two:

Number of failed subjects is equal to the number of backlogs.
Most of the countries do not consider the number of attempts to pass the exam. If you have failed in a subject and attempt to clear the backlog in 2 attempts, your backlog is considered as two. The focus here is on the number of subjects and not on the number of attempts. Countries like US and UK fall in this category.

Number of attempts is equal to the number of backlogs.
Here, the number of attempts you took to clear an examination is counted. If you have failed in a particular subject and you wrote three times to clear it, your backlog is counted as 3. Countries like Australia and Germany treat the backlogs in this manner. The number of attempt is given importance in order to understand the student’s dedication towards studies.

Will My Visa Get Rejected Due To Backlogs

No, not at all. If your University has accepted your application, there is no reason your visa would get rejected because of your backlogs. If in case a question is asked on your backlogs during the interview, just be honest and confident in providing your reply. Please do get in touch with our experienced International Counselors to guide you through your dream journey.